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The human body, although composed of many parts, is a wholeness in which each element affects the rest. The aim of my work is to restore, improve or maintain good cooperation between individual organs and their systems. My work covers both the body and emotions, which have a huge impact on its functioning. Focusing on the human body as a whole makes massage, manual therapy, and physiotherapy in general suitable for literally everyone. Regardless of your age or profession, as a manual therapist I can help you find an effective solution to the problem you are struggling with.

About me

… as long as it’s short 😉

Goede Handen Michal Brzoza
Michał Brzoza
Already at the age, so to speak, in my late teens, I knew that this was what attracted me the most. About 30 years ago, I took my first massage course and it is a perfect example of how true the saying is that happiness needs help. Because, of course, it was not a coincidence that I chose such an education, and the “winning of the lottery” was the fact that it was a 10-month, very professional, extensive training.
So I’ve been in the industry for 30 years and this job is still and forever fascinating to me. All these joints, muscles, nervous system, skeleton and, of course, emotions… All of this is connected with each other by seemingly invisible threads. (The peaceful coexistence of the digestive system and the adjacent part of the nervous system is – for example – a condition for the efficient functioning of the legs.) It is thanks to these connections, even after a million clients, that each new treatment becomes another lesson and a new adventure.
In my treatments, I use a combination of specialized massage techniques, elements of manual therapy, stretching, orthomanipulation and foot reflexology, work with the body diaphragms, as well as energy therapy called Reiki. More and more often, we also have a conversation, although completely amateur, let’s say it’s “from the company, free of charge”.
Research shows that helping others is also good for you. It enhances all aspects of well-being: happiness, satisfaction, self-esteem, sense of control, physical health and optimism. Am I a lucky guy? Of course! I am a manual therapist. What I do is my passion, and every effect achieved is the work of my hands, mind and heart.

You may contact us in case of:

  • Pain – from the top of the head to the toes
  • Feelings of locking in the joints and stiffness in the back or neck
  • Sports or work-related injuries
  • Movement restrictions in joints
  • Back pain
  • Headache
  • Pelvic instability or asymmetry
  • Pain in the wrist, elbow or shoulder
  • Muscle pain caused by stress
  • Pain in the ankle or knee
  • Emotional tension or stress
  • Postpartum ailments
  • etc. etc.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, please do not hesitate to contact us. By working together, we will be able to get rid of the problem.

About what we do

In the menu below you will notice our names next to the treatments offered. This is because some things are handled by both of us, and others only by one of us. When booking an appointment, sometimes you will be able to choose who you want to book with, and sometimes it will be predetermined. Especially for women who prefer a woman to take care of them, we have created such an option – you can choose Anna.

Injuries and pain syndromes – MichaÅ‚ & Anna

This is a very broad category and applies to almost everyone. Choose it if you feel pain as a result of overload (for example at work), if you suffer from sciatica, if you were injured on the pitch or in the gym, or if you had an accident. This is also an appropriate category for rehabilitation after surgery, in the case of arthrosis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, etc. etc.

Headache therapy – MichaÅ‚

Everything is clear here. Migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches. With specialized techniques you can do a lot and help in a specific way. What’s more – I am a specialist on both sides in this topic, because… I have 30 years of experience in experiencing this terrible pain. Fortunately, for me this is a thing of the past.

Oh, I can’t get rid of a hangover. To stop having it, you just have to keep drinking :))

Postpartum physiotherapy – Anna

I often say that if I had been born a woman, I would never have let any man touch me. For me, giving birth to a child is an act of heroism that goes far beyond the horizon of my imagination. We dedicate postpartum physiotherapy to all women who have achieved this feat and given birth to a child. Well, maybe even more than one!

There can be quite a lot of postpartum problems. Back pain, urinary incontinence, cesarean section scar, diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscle… I often experience back pain at the level of the anesthesia injection into the spine. The list could go on for a long time.

For the comfort of our clients, these treatments are performed by a physiotherapist – Mrs. Anna.

Foot mobilization and acupressure – MichaÅ‚

Sometimes I joke that feet are my fetish, because I particularly like performing manual therapy for feet and ankle joints. There’s just a lot to think about and fiddle with. Getting your foot right is a bit of a challenge – and that’s… appealing. And since I have these feet in my hands, why wouldn’t I also do some acupressure? Working with the nerve endings located in the feet has a great impact on the functioning of the entire body. Balances the functioning of internal organs and the secretion of hormones.

Children’s physiotherapy – Anna

i.e. rehabilitation, neurodevelopmental physiotherapy, as well as manual therapy for infants, children and older children. The impact includes all movement disorders, increased or decreased muscle tone, abnormal gait, torticollis, and body asymmetry.

Relaxing massage – MichaÅ‚ & Anna

Relaxing massage improves life! There is no this that. People forget about problems, feel better, and tensions disappear. If he is tired, he becomes rested. You also become less quarrelsome, gentler and generally more pleasant to the touch. Of course, there are purely physical benefits, such as better blood supply to tissues and muscles, better cellular metabolism, improved nutrition and appearance of the skin, but… Who would want to hear about it while lying on a massage table and enjoying such pleasures…?

About the techniques we use

Goede Handen orthomanipulatietherapie


Orthomanipulation is a method that removes blockages in the joints of the legs, pelvis, arms, hands and spine, and thus improves posture and restores proper movement. The basis of this method is to correct the position of the pelvis and stabilize it in the central position. This has a direct impact on the proper functioning of the spine. The starting point in this therapy is to check the functional length of the legs and correct any differences. Almost 100% of the population has a difference in leg length. If it is no larger than one centimeter, it is anatomically normal. When the difference in leg length is greater, it indicates problems with pelvic positioning. If the different leg lengths are not the result of surgery or bone fractures, in the vast majority of cases orthomanipulation is an excellent solution to the problem. Orthomanipulation uses the natural movement of the body. It is a completely safe therapy, without sudden movements or bone shooting. The sacroiliac joints, joints of the lower spine, and the pelvic bones are mobilized. As a result, the spine returns to its correct alignment, and if any of the vertebrae is still misaligned, it is immediately corrected. Orthomanipulation is complemented and ended by a specialized massage of the back muscles.
Goede Handen manuele therapie

Techniki terapii manualnej

In my treatments, I use a number of specific manual therapy techniques to improve the functioning of the joints. These techniques include joint manipulation, mobilization, oscillation, and more. Manual therapy is often associated with the so-called “adjusting the vertebrae” and shooting in the joints. Some people automatically assume that these are treatments intended only for stretching after the gym. In fact, manual therapy is helpful in a very wide range of ailments, caused not only by overload, injuries, but also by improper daily habits, and should be used by everyone from time to time. In my work, I always combine these techniques with General Osteopathic Treatment, which allows for additional relaxation of the joints and significantly reduces stress.
Goede Handen gespecialiseerde massagetechnieken

Wyspecjalizowane techniki masażu

Massage is a pleasure in itself. When done correctly, it reduces stress and increases levels of good hormones and neurotransmitters such as oxytocin, which are already good for your health. But with specialized techniques we can achieve much more. Using fascial massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and trigger point massage, we enter the world of therapy. / Fascia is like a packaging for muscles and a frame for all internal organs, blood vessels, ite itepe. Fascial massage is crucial for the nutrition and cellular renewal of tissues. Reflexotherapy is based on connecting specific zones located on the feet, hands and tendons with internal organs and anatomical tapes. Professional massage of these zones regulates the interaction of internal organs and the secretion of enzymes and hormones. Trigger points are like muscle micro-contractions, limited to a few adjacent muscle fibers. They usually cause considerable pain and limited mobility, even in remote areas. The ability to recognize and massage them allows you to quickly achieve significant improvement in functionality. Lymphatic drainage is a massage performed very gently. It is often barely felt by the client. Its purpose is to accelerate the drainage of lymphatic fluid and faster cleanse the body of metabolic products or toxins. It heals swelling and scars, accelerates regeneration after exercise, and stimulates the immune system. I combine this type of massage with a very specialized method of working on the body diaphragms, which greatly increases the effectiveness.
Goede Handen voetreflextherapie

Refleksoterapia stóp

Reflexology comes from ancient China and is based on connecting the nerve endings located on the feet with internal organs. Contrary to appearances, there is no magic in it. All internal organs are connected to the spinal cord via nerve bundles, from which the nerves reaching the feet also originate. (The same connection exists between internal organs and muscles.) Professionally performed reflexotherapy perfectly regulates internal secretion, reduces stress and improves the better functioning of entire internal organ systems. Reiki treatment is a fantastic complement to foot reflexology. I also perform foot reflexology very often during manual therapy of ankle joints. Because since I already have the foot in my hands, why not give it a bit of luxury…?
Goede Handen stresbehandeling

Osteopatyczna terapia stresu

During the various courses and trainings that I have undergone so far and during countless treatments performed for my clients, it became clear to me that there are clear connections between stress, emotional state, or even fatigue, and specific structures in the body. (It is no coincidence that it is said that problems like dandruff settle on a person’s shoulders.) All I needed to systematize my knowledge was an appropriate course. And yes – I finally found it! If you have problems with stress, fatigue, insomnia – there are osteopathic methods for this. If you are under the care of a psychologist or you practice meditation or mindfulness on your own, my treatments can help you very effectively.

The prices

The price of the visit is 40 euros

Regardless of the treatment you choose, the price is 40 euros and is fixed, regardless of what brings you to us. Why? We want the customer to choose the service only depending on what they need, and not based on the price. Moreover, we always do everything possible for the client and devote as much time as needed.

Is it a relaxing massage or specialized therapy –

we always give the same. Which means: everything.

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